Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I just don't understand...

Only moments ago... I was happily getting ready for bed here in my nice little dorm room. I had my pj's on, I was eating my cheesy bun.. and all was well in the world. But all was not to remain as such.. Oblivious to the atrocities that awaited me I opened up my e-mail account and was pleased to see some e-mails from some friends and family. In not one.. but two of those e-mails... did I discover a hello? Perhaps a "here's what I'm up to, how about you?" No...no. instead... there was only.. this..

"Hey everyone, how have you been? Here is a
serious notice for all the broke people out there or those who value their $$,
remember don't shoot themessenger because that is all I am. On the 1st of
november 2005 , we will have to pay for the use of our msn and email accounts
unless we send this message to at least 18 contacts on your contact list. It's
no joke if you don't believe me then go to the site ( www.msn.com ) and see
for yourself. Anyways once you've sent this message to at least 18
contacts , your msn man will become blue. Please copy and paste this message and
don't forward it because people won't take notice of it otherwise."
Now this is approximately the 7th and 8th time I've recieved these e-mails... I suppose these certain friends to be individuals of reasonable common sense. It was extremely dissapointing.
Here is what you need to know.. these e-mails are NOT TRUE... where do I even start??? When hotmail makes any changes, even the most miniscule, we all recieve those little hotmail e-mails updating us on what's new and fun, but yet they wouldn't inform us if they were doing something like this? Now come on..I am serious.. and I'm not even going to continue on with the argument, because of how painfully... painfully obvious it is.
I have never sent any of those zillions of e-mails claiming this exact thing, and I am still using my same hotmail account and not being charged anything. So next time you recieve an e-mail with one of these outrageous claims, just take a breath, build up your courage and click that delete button. The feeling of liberty that follows is exhilerating.. so please... just do it.. for my sake, and the sake of those you love. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Jen's college life

As you may know, the whole college experience is new to me, and in my time here so far I've had a lot of "firsts" for things. Mostly it has been fun, although not without uncomfortable moments. One thing I have learned so far is that living in Res makes you a huge slacker, because you are pretty much at "home" all of the time, knowing a nice couch, soft bed, or group of other Res friends are close by at any given moment is not condusive to good study habits. *sigh*.... it's a hard knock life. Getting back to all of my first college experiences, there have been many new and interesting experiences, including first res friends, first dorm room, first "drunken 18 year old" encounter (please refer to previous posts) and tonite included a number of other firsts, like first university concert and unfortunately, first trip to the Owl, the campus bar.

Today started as any other day, trying to get work done all day but never getting very far. Little did I know the night would hold some new and interesting experiences.

I became informed that Hedley was playing tonite in the multi-purpose room by the Owl, and that I had to come. Sounded like good times to me so off I went. Although it was a pushing, shoving screamfest up at the front, the concert was good entertainment, after which the girls took me to the Owl, where there was much drinking and karaoke, none of which was I taking part in.
I was a little nervous going to the bar with the girls, as it's not my scene to say the least, but to my surprise the experience was not a terrible one. I met some people with my friends, said hey to the bands who played (they came there after) and when I ordered a coke at the bar the chick gave it to me for free. To my pleasant surprise, I didn't have to deal with my first "beating on drunk guy trying to get near me" which was something I was expecting upon entering the premises. So all in all, the night wasn't a bad time, although I likely still won't be spending much time at the owl. And by that I mean I won't be spending ANY time there. My first trip will also prove to be my last.

Now another college experience which is doing homework at all hours of the night... on a last note, I love Jesus.