Thursday, September 15, 2005

some facts

So the thing about me is this: I love Jesus.

Seriously, I do. Jesus is amazing and I love Him. In fact I love Him more than anything or anyone, and I also highly recommend Him to anyone and everyone. Besides the fact that He saved me from all my crap, He is also wicked awsome and always has my back, plus heck He loves me to pieces.

What more could a girl ask for?
Absolutely nothing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Touch me again and they'll need dental records to identify your cold, dead body....

It's been a while since I've written, but heck with all the craziness of moving into Res and all of the subsequent partying (and by that I mean me and my next door neighbor Shea doing an Orca whale puzzle all night) I just haven't had too much time.

Yes life in Res has been much as expected, new friends, schoolwork... only one very grim downside. A large number of the people who come to stay inRes are fresh from high school, and since the bottom two floors of my Res are guys floors, this means 18 year old guys aplenty.... maybe someone could just shoot me in the face instead, it is entirely likely that, that would be more enjoyable..

As a rule, high school boys are morons. All they care about is sex and beer, in a sporadically rotating order. Something that's almost funny is that they think the girls here will actually want them, it's only almost funny because us girls have to suffer through intolerable encounters with these ridiculous males...

An example.... Friday night Luther College (my res) has a cabaret for everyone at Luther to get to know each other. Before this cabaret, a number of people congregated in a room to hang out before we went. Here's me, sitting on the floor, meeting new people, having a decent time, but my enjoyment was to be shortlived... enter 18ish male, already drunk and looking for anything on legs to slobber all over. Unfortunately I entered his immediate span of vision and over he walks and sits down, halfway on top of me, ( I quickly move over, trying to be polite and not show my distaste overtly...) He proceeds to slur a number of cryptic sentances at me, most of which appear to be an attempt at flirting. After many attempts a revelation begins to creep through the thick alcohol clouded skull... that I'm not biting. Said male moves on to seek less challenging prey. With a sigh of relief, I think my worries for the night are over... sadly I was mistaken...

Fast forward to the cabaret, not enjoying myself entirely too much to begin with, as the club isn't exactly my scene... I am making the most of the night and getting in a little time on the dance floor with a group of my female friends. All is going relatively well and I am beginning to think I will survive the night, when without warning an alien pair of hands graze the mid to low region of my person.. This is unacceptable, looking back, the earlier said male seems to be the owner of the hands. Now being a fairly diplomatic individual, and realizing that as an 18 year old male this person may not understnd why in the world I wouldn't want his grimy paws on me, I choose to not totally diss him in front of everyone and simply move away from his reach to the other side of my circle of friends... now one would think that this would be message enough... but no. The said male, apparently confused, comes around once again to where I am and humorously asks "what, can't you dance?" and again attempts to put his filthy appendages into contact with myself.

A this point I am beyond disgusted and extremely pissed... turning to look him in the eye I reply "I can dance." and deliberately once again step out of his range to the other side of the group of girls, as if to say "just not with you jerkoff, get away from me before I have to kick you in the junk." After this the said male thankfully wandered off in a drunken haze and was no longer a problem, although a number of other 18 year old male encounters also ensued later that night.

I just can't fathom the idea of letting one of these greasy, juvenile horndogs get anywhere close to me... I don't know, maybe I have a stick up my butt or something.. but gah....
Aside from these unpleasant experiences, life in Res so far has proven to be a relatively enjoyable experience, with good times had by all.

If, however, another 18ish tiny brain male approaches me ...I may not be held resonsible for my actions, which may include but not be exclusive to: a punch in the kidney/neck/junk/other......
Yay Luther Res.