Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer sucks

Yeah yeah, I know that people are going to be whipping off angry comments before they get past the title of this because everyone in saskatchewan worships summer and thinks it's the greatest. But not I.

Summer is pretty much the worst ever, I don't understand what people find so wonderful about a few months of being sweaty and dusty. (which makes for a nice greasy mixture on every inch of exposed skin) I think I'm also more adversely affected because of the lack of air conditioning in my car. Although I am lucky enough to have centreal air at home.. praise Jesus.

One thing that I WOULD love about summer would be the lovely summer nights, except for the fact that filthy west nile ridden mosquitos ruin any chance of enjoying even a minute or two of that, unless you'd like to stink yourself up with some mosquito spray, which I find doesn't work anyway so you might as well be spraying yourself with a nice layer of urine, since it would do about the same for you, but probably stink less. And during the day you have to grease yourself up with sunscreen if you want to be outside, or else run the risk of dying of skin cancer. (Especially people like me who are cursed with goth sydrome, dark hair and "you-can't-be-that-pale-without-having-some-chronic-disease" skin.

Also, is there really that much more to look forward to in the summer? There aren't really any of the good holidays, and what else do we get here? The fair? I know the thrill of riding on low-end crappy rides, eating 10 dollar fries, watching kids puke and middle aged people stumble drunk outside the beer gardens is great, and maybe you'll even get the fun of being offered some weed by an extra-greasy carny. But we could all get similar experiences at any family reunion with uncle bob's helicopter rides, and then later uncle bob getting drunk, puking and offering us some weed. And the fries would be free.

I'll admit, there are some days to be enjoyed, but as a whole, I find times like late spring, fall and early winter far more appealing than the dirty half dressed sweatfest that is summer.

I have to go now, as my mosquito bites have driven me over the edge... only another 2 months to go..


At 12:58 AM, Blogger LBomb said...

I found out that you're wrong. Spraying mosquito spray all over yourself doesn't smell as bad as spraying urine all over yourself


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